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The main focus of Transatlantic Rise is to work with tech companies that are poised on the brink of ITO.

What you get

Get Your ITO Marketing Materials

Lite Paper

A shortened and concise version of a whitepaper.

One Pager

A one-page document that provides an overview of a startup.

Pitch Deck

A brief presentation created to give a short summary of startup.

Landing Page

A standalone web page, created specifically for a ITO.

Get your media presence and build community

Social media

We help our clients create a strong community and manage it.



  • Startup's SM pages;
  • online community;
  • new engaging formats;
  • community management.

We launch a marketing campaign that distributes a token to an audience to promote awareness of a new token and project.

Media presence

We provide a full range of PR and marketing services to increase startup media presenting and distinguish it from the competition and position company representatives as industry-leaders.

Private Investor Campaign

We create the most comfortable
conditions for startups in private investment.

We manage investor lead generation campaigns for startups looking to raise money. We help our clients find more relevant investors for their fast growth and success. Using our Private Investor Campaign, startups get relevant and qualified investor leads quickly and for a reasonable price.


We analyze your materials, industry, create, edit and maintain list of potential investors that deliver high conversion and engagement.

Email campaign

We launch an email campaign, optimize and maximize it, so such an approach allows us to make the most of your budget.

LinkedIn Campaign

We build the relevant  investors base (list of potential investors) for LinkedIn and launch an Investor Campaign (lead generation) using direct messaging and direct email.

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