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Full-Stack ITO/ IEO Marketing Services for tech companies

We assist and support our clients to raise funds for a perspective projects. We provide marketing services for effective ITO/IEO.

Investor materials

Lite and White paper
Pitch deck
Product Presentation

Design & Video

Branding & Identity
Presentation Templates
Explainer video
Landing page

Ads and Social Media

Native Advertising
Social Media & Airdrop
Community Management
Email Marketing

Lead Generating:
Linkedin+Emails+Content Marketing

Let's grow your sales and build your clients' base together.

Targeting, prospecting and list building

Our team will identify the best sources for these targets companies and contacts, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Apollo, Crunchbase, etc. We identify your ideal data points (geographic location, industry, technology used, company size, company name, name, title, email, LinkedIn URL, etc.). Collect up to 2000 verified contacts per month.

Outbound process

We will run through a questionnaire with you to identify your service offering and what USP, differentiators, and pain point your campaign should focus on. We will work with our copywriter to put together a set of 7 messages for email and LinkedIn using the questionnaire and desired call to action, along with 8-10 engaging LinkedIn Posts, which will be approved by you. Our team will continue to monitor the results and responses to optimize your campaigns.


Each month our clients get 1-4% conversion rates from our campaign. I.e. from the list of 2000 prospects, you’ll receive 20-50 leads/monthly. LinkedIn Contacts remain in your network (500 newly connected decision-makers). Further social media marketing campaigns can be run for higher ROI. Email database remains with you along with the full prospects details. Fully GDPR compliant B2B lead generation service.


We help to increase Community Engagement and Awareness to support Fundraising campaign.

What we do

  • Create company’s SM pages.
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Manage company’s online presence.
  • Drive traffic to company’s website.
  • Promote company’s brand with targeted ads.

What can
marketing do for you?